Hi guys, how was the long weekend? Did you rest enough? Ok, please prepare yourselves for 5th Service Design Drinks!

Native Culture Edition is back! The speakers of the evening are going to be very special ones: YOU – we have decided to put a spotlight on our community, to get to know each other and strengthen our relationships.

Since we know we are all coming from different countries and cultural backgrounds, we want to talk about service case studies that are deeply rooted in our native cultures. In the last edition, we went through services like Dabbawala (India), Hotpot (China), Taze Kuru (Turkey) and ASN (Venezuela).

This is what we want to hear from you. Bring a video, a website, a story, or just sketch a typical service of your country and tell us about it. To make sure everybody can give their contribution make sure that your presentation is maximum 5 minutes!

We’re expecting loads of submission before June 13th, so you can all start NOW.

Service Design Drinks Milan: Native Culture Services

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Alessandra, Claudia, Luca and Marihum.